Diagnostic Services

The Animal Care Services Diagnostic Laboratory offers a variety of diagnostic services for both sentinel and research animals.

It is located at the UBC Centre for Comparative Medicine, 4145 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC on the south campus, allowing for easy shipping by courier or drop-off by technical staff. The cost savings is enormous when you compare the cost of shipping live animals to another commercial diagnostic lab! We have full parasitology, bacteriology and necropsy ability. All histological samples are reviewed by a veterinary pathologist.

List of services:

Sentinel Comprehensive exam includes, necropsy, macroscopic examination, parasitology, histopathology and microbiology (respiratory & intestinal tract).

Necropsy includes macroscopic examination, and any additional tests as per veterinarian discretion.


Hematology, cytology, clinical chemistry, urinalysis and other specialized tests are performed at a local veterinary diagnostics laboratory or the provincial lab.

Serology/PCR is sent to the Research Animal Diagnostic Laboratory at the University of Missouri (www.radil.missouri.edu/)

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