Planning your Research

Photo: Dr. Tamara Godbey

The following are steps you must take in to account when you are planning your research project involving animals at UBC.

Meet the University Vet

The University Veterinarian would like to understand your research plans and introduce you to the UBC Animal Care & Use Program.

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Choose Your Facility

Once you choose your facility, following a discussion with the University Veterinarian, you should meet your facility manager.

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Meet Your Clinical Vet 

Your Clinical Veterinarian is strongly focused on providing services and research support

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RISe Access

To use the RISe online system, you will need both a Campus Wide Login (CWL) and Researcher Account Number. 

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SOPs & Guidelines

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Guidelines promote consistency within and across all UBC animal care facilities.

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Drafting Your Protocol

Regardless of funding, if you are a UBC Principal Investigator (PI) using vertebrates, certain invertebrates and fish, for any research or teaching purpose, a valid animal care protocol is required.

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Any activities conducted at UBC facilities or affiliated institutions that involve biohazardous materials must be reviewed and approved by the UBC Biosafety Committee prior to the start of the research project.

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Pre-review of protocols is available through the Animal Care Committee (ACC) if protocols are submitted by the ACC published deadlines.  

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All personnel who work with animals, including Principal Investigators, must have appropriate training prior to working with animals.

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