Drafting your Protocol

Regardless of funding, if you are a UBC Principal Investigator (PI) using vertebrates, certain invertebrates (e.g. Cephalopods) and fish, for any research or teaching purpose (including observation of animals), a valid animal care protocol is required (even if the work is being done at another institution).

There are 4 types of animal care protocols available: Research, Teaching, Breeding or Pilot Project applications. Sample animal care protocol applications are available from the ACC.

All protocols are good for 1 year with 3 yearly renewals (total of 4 years), with the exception of Pilots, which are only approved for 3 months, with one 3-month renewal (total of 6 months). 

Resources are available to you in preparing your animal care protocol:

  • Clinical Veterinarians and Facility Managers are great resources.
  • The ACC has developed an Animal Care Application Form - Tips Document that provides a summary of what information each section of the protocol should include. To access a copy, please click here.
  • Protocol Writing Workshops are available and are particularly helpful if you are submitting your very first animal care protocol at UBC. We recommend attending this workshop prior to submitting your protocol. 
  • Pre-review is also available through the Animal Care Committee. 
  • If you have any Biosafety/Radiation certificates that pertain to the work listed on your animal care protocol, please ensure you list these on your protocol.

Where the designated staff draft the protocol in RISe, the PI can review and approve the submission. 

Once completed, the PI submits the protocol application through RISe which then must be approved by the Academic Head of Unit before going to the Animal Care Committee administration.

Refer to Submission Deadlines for specific deadline and review dates.

Refer to Protocol Review Process for additional information.