Important changes to animal user training billing

UBC went live with Workday on November 2, 2020. Existing Standing Journal Voucher authorizations have been replaced by an Internal Sales Delivery Form (Training). Please complete an Internal Sales Delivery Form for the Primary/Driver Worktag you wish to have set up for animal user training billing purposes with ACS. Laboratory users will receive a new Training Payment Processing code for use in Canvas for training related costs. This change will be implemented for course registrations as of November 10.

Availability of ACS training courses

Online and hands-on training courses are available to all UBC researchers. Due to safety requirements, the number of seats available for each hands-on training lab has been significantly reduced but the number of labs has been increased. For more information or to enroll, visit ACS Online & Lab Rodent Courses.

The format of our hands-on lab has been modified to meet COVID-19 safety requirements. Students are required to complete the webinar before attending a hands-on lab. The webinar is intended to reduce the face-to-face interactions during the hands-on lab.

For further information, refer to details and instructions presented in the training courses.

Course Enrollment: Prior to June 15

For students enrolled in courses prior to June 15, 2020, please visit UBC Canvas to continue your training.

Photo: Tammy Brimner

All personnel working with animals in teaching and research at UBC and affiliated institutions are required to complete the CCAC Experimental Animal User Training Program.


Create CWL Account

Campus Wide Login (CWL) is designed to give users access to UBC’s online applications with the same username and password. A CWL account provides users with access to Canvas.

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Register for RISe Account

RISe is an online research administration tool where users can view their certifications. First-time users who are UBC faculty, students, or staff are able to self-register for an account in RISe.

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Complete CCAC Online Ethics

The Canadian Council for Animal Care (CCAC) requires all personnel who work with animals in teaching and research at UBC and affiliated institutions to complete the Experimental Animal User Training Program.

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Self-enroll in Training Courses

Enroll in all training courses relevant to your work from the list of courses currently offered by Animal Care Services. Study the online material and complete the quizzes.

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Enroll in Hands-On Laboratory

Upon successful completion of the online self-study component, enroll in the appropriate hands-on laboratory class.

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View Certifications of Completion

Log in to RISe to view your personal profile and certifications.

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Additional Training Requests

Additional procedure-based workshops are available for other procedures and can be requested by contacting

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Frequently Asked Questions

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