Enroll in Laboratory Training Courses

Once you have completed the online self-study component, you will have access to the lab component to register for the associated webinar and hands-on laboratory. Whether you're enrolling for a webinar or hands-on laboratory, the same steps are involved.

How to Select and Enroll for a Hands-on Laboratory
To enroll in a hands-on laboratory as part of the training program, follow the simple steps below:

1. Log in to Canvas Catalog using your CWL credentials and select the appropriate training course.

2. Choose the laboratory component by clicking Resume Course.

3. Within the training couse, choose Webinar Enrollment and select the blue button to choose a date. A pop-up calendar will appear.

4. Select an available date from the calendar. On each day, multiple training sessions may be offered. Ensure your preferred session is selected.

5. To cancel your enrollment, navigate to Manage Your Enrollment and select the blue button.

6. From your available enrollments, you may cancel an appointment.

7. Select Yes to confirm the cancellation request. Your enrollment has now been cancelled.