Orders, Deliveries & Transfers

Animal Care Services (ACS) provides ordering, delivery and transfer services.


ACS oversees all animal and pharmaceutical orders, and provides a supply ordering service.

All orders should be submitted to ACS via email to anca.orders@ubc.ca using the applicable form.

All orders are to be paid through a UBC Journal Voucher (JV). It is preferable for researchers to establish a standing Journal Voucher with ACS that will be billed monthly. Statements will be emailed to you monthly. If you do not wish to establish a standing JV, an individual JV must be emailed at the time of ordering. Please mail the original JV through campus mail.

All questions should be directed to anca.orders@ubc.ca or 604-827-4938.

Animal Orders

Animal order requests are made using the Animal Order Form. Please note that valid protocols are required for all orders.

Commercial vendor orders, such as those from Charles River, Envigo, Jackson Laboratory or Taconic, must be received prior to 12:00 p.m. (noon) on a Tuesday for delivery the following week.

For rodents to be obtained from a colleague at another university, hospital, or institute, please see Obtaining Animals from another Institution below.

If there are any concerns or questions about an animal order received, please contact ACS at anca.orders@ubc.ca or call 604-827-4938 within 48 hours. ACS will be responsible for communicating with the Facility Manager, researcher/lab, veterinarian and vendor (if required).

Supplies and Pharmaceutical Orders

Supply and pharmaceutical orders are made using the Supply Order Form. Please note that valid protocols are required for all pharmaceuticals.


ACS provides transfer services, which includes transfers between UBC facilities as well as institutions.

Transferring Animals between UBC Facilities

Investigators wishing to transfer their own animals between facilities approved by the UBC Animal Care Committee must complete the Animal Transport Request and email to anca.orders@ubc.ca. The ACS Business Office will obtain veterinary approval for all animal transfers.

Obtaining Animals from another Institution

The following instructions are for investigators wishing to obtain rodents from a non-commercial supplier such as another university, hospital, or institute:

After ACS has received the current health report and order form, a UBC Veterinarian will review the report. If approved, ACS will make arrangements with the sending institution to ship the rodents to UBC. ACS will track the shipment, arrange customs clearance (if applicable), pick the shipment up from the airport and deliver them to the designated facility.

Shipping Animals from UBC to another Institution

The ACS Business Office will assist in arranging the required veterinary inspection which needs to occur within 48 hours of your shipment, as well as providing the Veterinary Health Inspection Letter that will accompany the rodents. In order to assist the attending veterinarian, please complete the Animal Inspection Application and email to anca.orders@ubc.ca at least one week before shipment. The fee for this service is $93.50 for academic clients and $242.00 for non-UBC clients.