Fees for Service

There is no charge for applications requiring ethical review that are either unfunded, funded internally (including teaching), or funded by grants from federal/provincial granting agencies or charitable or not-for-profit organizations.

fee of $1,000 applies to applications funded by a for-profit agency. The fee is a one-time-only fee for each specific application and covers initial review, annual renewals, and minor amendments for the next three years. Major amendments (after initial approval) involving full review, and a renewal after three years, will also be charged $1,000. If the associated research project is withdrawn prior to the application review the fee will be totally refunded. If the associated research project is withdrawn after the application review, one half of the fee amount ($500) will be refunded.

An Animal Care Certificate will not be issued until fee payment has been received. Normally a cheque for the fee amount will accompany the application submission. In special cases the Director of Research Services may approve invoicing for the fee amount.

The fee may be waived or reduced in special circumstances, upon the recommendation of the Office of Research Services.