Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Guidelines promote consistency within and across all UBC animal care facilities.

The use of animals at UBC is supervised by UBC Animal Care Committee (ACC). This body must approve and oversee any vertebrate research. The approval process may take more than a month to complete, so it is essential for you as a researcher to submit your protocol to the committee far in advance of your intended arrival at UBC. Visit the Animal Care and Use Program website to obtain application forms and basic information. The ACC requires that the principal investigator of any protocol conducted at UBC be a faculty member of the University of British Columbia. If you are a visiting scientist from an outside institution you may choose to collaborate with a UBC faculty member.

When completing an application for an animal care protocol, the details of these procedures may be omitted from the protocol form if it is indicated that the procedures follow those approved by the Committee and the SOP number is referenced.

Surgical and Facility-Specific SOPs are available on the ACUP SharePoint site.

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